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Sat, 23 September 2023

"Edendale" In brief..

Barrie & Viv Halbisch
Area (in hectares)
1000 ha
Rainfall (mm/pa)
500 mm
Oldman Saltbush area (hecatares)
85 ha
year of first Planting

Q & A: an interview with Barrie & Viv Halbisch

Why OMSB planted?  We needed to have a feed base for dry times. Our livestock operation is mainly fat lambs so to have feed for the ewes at critical times is important.

What grazing and pasture benefits have been observed?  We are possible too heavily stocked at times to see too many pasture benefits but the areas of the property that we can rest do come back stronger. The grazing of the omsb provides a feed base for most of the stock. We have found that to keep ewes and lambs in very good condition while on the bush, a grain supplement is needed. Dry animals do fine.

What financial benefits have been observed?  To be able to finish lambs to a good standard in a difficult season is a big benefit. Because we contract our lambs this is most beneficial. The cost for the small amount of grain we need to give them while on omsb is more than offset by their growth. We have also found that lambs finished with saltbush have fewer 5 score animals and more 3 scores. This is where the better money is. I can also see if we had more omsb we would not need to crop as much and work as hard.

Biggest OMSB impact?   To have feed in dry times. It saves time considerably on the property with not having to feed so much. To see the way omsb can grow back during dry periods and drought is pretty amazing. 

Any problems with OMSB?  Needs more management with the stock than with our normal grazing methods but with more bush planted I think this problem would become less. You need to have older sheep with the lambs to teach them how to eat it. Some plants have died out in low wet areas during the big summer rains.

Do you / if you had a salinity problem, do you think OMSB would help with controlling deep drainage and/or lowering the water table? I think it would because it does pump large amounts of water out of the ground if given the chance.

Would you like to increase your area sown to OMSB? Yes

What limits your planting of a larger area?  Getting the chance to make time to do it and money.








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