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How expensive is Oldman saltbush?

Oldman saltbush is the most cost effective fodder insurance a grazing property can have. Every hectare established will fully pay for itself in three to four years. If you do have drought years and feed becomes more costly, you can actually pay for it after one grazing.

Every grazing after your payback period comes virtually at no cost as there is very minimal ongoing maintenance expenditure for the plant. It will be around for many, many decades.

Since the use of seedlings is the only viable way to establish this plant it does cost more to establish than traditional grass pastures. This point can became a concern to some people who are more accustomed to more short-term grazing projects. It always needs to be remembered that Oldman saltbush offers a lot more benefits than what grass pastures can do on their own.

Are there different types of Oldman saltbush?

No. There is only one strain of Oldman saltbush: however, you should read on for a more detailed explanation.

There have been some recent claims made regarding an improved, more palatable selection of Oldman saltbush, this is definitely not the case. Oldman saltbush is an open pollinated plant and has been cross breeding in the wild for thousands of years. As a result, Oldman saltbush has an incredibly broad genetic base. In fact, this is a key reason for its exceptional performance and environmental strength.

On the palatability issue, our experience over the years has shown that the plant's palatability is largely a result of the soil types where it has been planted and - more importantly - the actual grazing management practices used.

Andrew Sippel in 1989 spent time in South Africa with Gerhard deKock going over his work on oldman saltbush. While there he was also evaluating the earlier South African research work on this plant, and saw the actual first OMSB plantings from 1876. It was after this visit that Andrew realised fully that palatability was definitely a soil fertility issue and was not related to any plant selection work. As was stated to Andrew while there, "if proper plant selection work could have been done on just say one genetic trait, like palatability, other more important plant genetic traits could have easily been dropped off, and it could have well been these genetic traits that gives this plants its increadable genetic and ecological strength".

Will the Government help me plant Oldman saltbush?

Various state government departments can offer some financial assistance through long term low interest loans for the establishment of Oldman saltbush. The Federal government has offered some funding through various NHT programs. The main Federal assistance is now through local Catchment Management Authorities. Contact us for more information.

Where can I grow Oldman saltbush?

Oldman Saltbush Suitability The shaded areas on the map are a reasonable guide to where Oldman Saltbsuh will grow.

This fact sheet provides a more detailed explanation of the rainfall ranges and soil types suitable for Oldman saltbush.





What separates you from Oldman saltbush competitors?

Putting it simply, Grazing Management Systems Pty. Ltd.  eats, sleeps and breathes Oldman saltbush and has been doing so in Australia since 1987. We have an unmatched track record of Oldman saltbush establishment on the many Australian properties that use this plant. We specialise in Oldman saltbush establishment as well as native grass establishment and grazing strategies, so our focus is very much on the grazing industry and the successful, profitable use of these native plants.

We are much more than just a supply point for Oldman saltbush and grass seedlings. Our plants, our support systems and every part of our business approach is directed towards a successful project outcome for you.

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