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Sat, 23 September 2023

Saltbush Field Day

Peter and Chris McKid “Locksley” Nyngan, NSW

Our first planting was 80 acres of saltbush in July 2000 was planted to improve the carrying capacity lighter country and rehabilitate some areas of scald. Establishment was irregular due to poor ground preparation and insufficient moisture in topsoil.

Our second planting of 220 acres in July 2001 was into farming country. Half the saltbush was into heavy Black soil and half into lighter red country. We achieved an excellent establishment due to good soil preparation and moisture levels plus an inch of rain after planting.

  • We have achieved an enormous increase in Carrying Capacity on OMSB blocks.
  • Recovery periods have increased on Natural Pasture Country.
  • OMSB starts recovering from a graze immediately after stock removal. NO RAIN required.
  • OMSB recovery in 6-8 months, ready to regraze.
  • Stock take to OMSB enthusiastically eating it down to 1m in height.
  • Stock do well on OMSB and remain healthy.
  • Management is simple with temporary fencing and water.
  • We can now hold our ewes over the 17 day natural cycle A.I. Programme requiring in excess 25,000 stock days near the woolshed with ease.
  • Holistic Management ties it all together.

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