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Wed, 07 June 2023

Nutrition Table

The testing below show the nutritional value of oldman saltbush....


Attribute OMSB 1
Sandy Loam
Grey soil
Red Soil
Moisture % 80.7 74.0 76.7
Crude Protein % 21.1 21.0 23.9
Phosphorus (P, g/Kg) 2.1 1.7 3.4
Potassium (K, g/Kg) 26.3 16.3 27.4
Sulphur (S, g/Kg) 3.2 6.9 8.0
Calcium (Ca, g/Kg) 7.7 10.5 5.4
Magnesium (Mg, g/Kg) 6.4 7.4 4.1
Sodium (Na, g/Kg) 72.6 75.6 71.8
Copper (Cu, mg/Kg or ppm) 7 10 10
Zinc (Zn, mg/Kg or ppm) 32 17 35
Manganese (Mn, mg/Kg or ppm) 88 39 242
Iron (Fe, mg/Kg or ppm) 191 120 175
Boron (B, mg/KR or ppm) 37 58 34

Notes: These tests were carried out by Independent Lab services in October 2002 on OMSB leaf samples grown on three kinds of soil.

Some quotes from the Lab report follow:

Quite a lot of the Nitrogen in these samples is likely to be as soluble non protein nitrogen products rather than true protein. As we discussed, this is the likely reason why the performance of stock grazing OMSB may respond quite positively when supplemented with a source of soluble carbohydrate such as that from Oaten grain or some other cereal grain. These levels of Nitrogen are high and above those reported for OMSB in WA, but the Nitrogen content will reflect the plant components analysed.

The levels of P and K for OMSB 2 are down a bit compared to the other 2 samples, but the marginal level of P would be made good if stock grazing the OMSB 2 were supplemented with a cereal grain. The S levels in OMSB 2 and 3 are very high for a plant material and not dissimilar to values for OMSB in WA. This may enhance wool and meat production from sheep grazing OMSB if the high levels of S translate to Sulphur amino, acids in the rumen. The Ca levels are all adequate for sheep and cattle, but the Ca:P ratio is quite wide in OMSB 2. The Mg and Na levels, like those for OMSB in WA, are high. 1 expect that most of the Na present is likely to be as NaCI. The levels of Cu, Zn, Mn and Fe are at, or above, the minimum requirements for sheep and cattle, but Zn is down a bit in OMSB 2. Mn is high in OMSB 3 and the B levels in all 3 samples are of a similar order to the levels that may be found in OMSB in WA.

Tests performed by:

Dr John Milton BAgr Sci (Hons), PhD
Principal of ILS
Officer of the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand

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