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Wed, 07 June 2023

Our Research Efforts

If there is one thing we have learned in over 15 years of utilising Oldman saltbush is that we are barely scratching the surface of its capabilities, potential and optimal utilisation. As extensive as the application of it has been, we realise that there are many more years of intensive research needed to ensure that the maximum level of exploitation of this plant is being achieved.

The Dick Condon Oldman Saltbush Research Institute, based in Narromine, is dedicated to advancing the knowledge base of this remarkable plant and ensuring that new techniques of germination, hardening and establishment are constantly being trialled and evaluated for incorporation into our holistic management protocols. Furthermore, we are commencing more advanced research into grazing practices for this plant, research that will soon have a great impact on the livelihoods of many Australian landowners.

We actively monitor dozens of Oldman saltbush plantations in markedly different environments, watching how the plant reacts to different conditions and tailoring its establishment and grazing practices accordingly. One thing that is becoming clear is that the plant requires far more careful, consistent and ongoing management than other fodder crops in order to ensure optimal results,

No other entity, public or private, whether in Australia or around the world, can match the breadth and dept of our unique knowledge base in applying Oldman saltbush into dryland environments. With our ongoing research, this knowledge is continually expanding for the benefit of your land, your business and you.

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