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Wed, 07 June 2023

Wool Benefits

Wool Length trialAustralian wool is rightly regarded as one of the most desirable natural fibres in the world. However, as good as Australia's wool is from genetic advances - it can be made even better with improved animal nutrition.

Oldman Saltbush becomes the backbone plant to the nutritional improvement. With its combination of deep roots, high protein & mineral levels, green leaf and particularly a high sulphur content, it does have a very special affect on wool quality and animal health. The more it becomes part of the animals diet the greater is the effect. The end result for the wool from Oldman Saltbush fed sheep is a lower wool micron, stronger staple strength, higher yield and tighter CVD figures.

Oldman saltbush can become the basis for your wool product to enter an elite market, one that even has the potential to command a markedly high price.

It's another management tool from Oldman Saltbush, it gives your business another edge in a competitive market.


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